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The definition of vagina is “muscular tube leading from the external genitals to the cervix of the uterus in women and most female mammals.” But, did you know that the vagina is way more than just a muscular tube?

The female anatomy hides so many secrets that people don’t know about, but they should.

Here’s some fun stuff to learn about vaginas: 

It cleans itself

The vagina lubricates naturally to stay clean and healthy. After our period the vagina produces some discharges that clean out all the dead cells.  

A flexible muscle

Usually, a vagina is between 3 and 4 inches. The funny thing is that this is one of the most flexible muscles. It can even double its size during labor.

Extremely sensitive

The clitoris has at least 8k nerve endings, which is over twice as many as a penis. Also, every time the clitoris gets stimulated, it can affect over 15k nerve endings. And besides all that, this organ grows every time you’re horny.

Nothing is going to get lost in there

The vagina is the way to the uterus, so don’t worry about a tampon getting lost in there. There’s no way that can happen.

It regenerates really fast

The vagina gets a large supply of blood that makes it heal really fast if something ever happens in there.

More than just a vagina

People usually refer to the vulva as the vagina. Actually, the vagina is just a part of the vulva. The vulva includes a lot of parts like the labia, the clitoris, and the urethra.
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