In case you have any questions about our products and what’s in them, we’ve collected some answers for you. As every situation is unique, please get in touch with us if you want to know more.

Who are we?

Saba® is a feminine care brand that offers feminine pads, liners, intimate wash and wet wipes for ultimate security to every women. We have a single purpose: improve how women live with their periods, offering them products with the best quality. 

Why should I choose Saba®?

We are the only brand with SecureFit™ Technology. This allows the pad to adapt better to your body, making you feel more comfortable and secure.

In addition, our Ultra thin pads feature Roll, Press, Go technology, allowing easy, hygienic and discreet disposal. The self-sealing edges enable you to easily wrap, seal and dispose of the pad.

What's the difference between Saba® Ultra Invisible and Saba® Buenas Noches?

Saba® Ultra Invisible™ its our ultra thin pad, offers ultra-thin, discreet, and ultra absorbent protection, ideal for all-day comfort. Saba® Buenas Noches® its our maxi pad which provides overnight protection with 3 MAXABSORB ZONES™ designed to absorb from any angle, ensuring a comfortable and worry-free sleep. Both options feature our SecureFit™ Technology.

Why should I use Saba® Panty Liners?

Our liners help you feel fresh and comfortable, they keep away humidity caused by your daily activities, and it also takes care of your intimate skin.

I loved the product, where can I get more?

We're thrilled that you love our products! You can find them online on Amazon at our official store:

To find the closest store to you, just contact us at or message us on Facebook or Instagram (@mysaba). We're here to assist you.

Can I order a sample?

Certainly! Order a sample at Fill out the form, and get ready to receive your Saba goodies at your doorstep!

Are Essity products friendly to my skin?

Absolutely, our products are skin-friendly. Our "dermatologically tested" products undergo rigorous safety studies on humans and are safe for skin contact. 

What does "hypoallergenic" mean?

"Hypoallergenic" products are designed to minimize allergic reactions. Our hypoallergenic products are perfume-free and free of substances causing skin sensitization. We meticulously limit allergenic components, validated by our complaint statistics, ensuring your safety.

Is there a chance that Essity products will trigger an allergic reaction?

While individual reactions vary, our products are crafted to be gentle. We select allergen-free materials and assess potential allergens. Skin-related complaints are exceptionally rare, thanks to our stringent product safety measures.

Do you do allergy testing on your absorbent hygiene products (pad, tampons, liners, or period panties)?

We conduct skin irritation tests on humans to ensure our products are safe and gentle. Our Global Supplier Standard restricts allergens. Perfumes, when used, are clearly labeled and thoroughly assessed for safety.

Are there any substances that cause skin irritation in your absorbent hygiene products?

Our dedicated Product Safety team rigorously assesses all materials in our products for compliance with legal requirements and safety standards. These assessments include analyses of chemical residues and comprehensive toxicological tests, including those for skin irritation. While we can't guarantee zero skin irritation, we take extensive measures to minimize the risk.

Can I get Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) from using tampons?

TSS is extremely rare and not directly linked to tampon use. It can occur even without tampons. Always follow usage instructions, choose the right absorption level, and adhere to maximum wear time guidelines for tampons.

Note: Currently, Saba® tampons are not available as a product in the US.

Are there any chemicals in Essity products that could affect my hormones?

We are stringent about chemicals affecting hormones. We demand transparency from our suppliers, screen for selected substances, and ensure they are undetectable or well below concerning levels. We stay updated with the latest scientific data to maintain your safety.

Do Essity products contain any chemicals of concern?

We conduct thorough safety assessments to ensure no harmful chemicals are present. Our materials undergo stringent evaluation, ensuring any potential trace chemicals are below safe levels based on the latest scientific data.

Are chemicals produced in nature better/safer than synthetic chemicals?

The safety of a product depends on its chemical composition and amounts, not whether they are natural or synthetic. Both can be safe or toxic. We focus on the specific chemicals in our products, prioritizing safety regardless of their origin.

Do you use recycled materials/ingredients in your products?

Yes, sustainability is paramount. We use over 40% recycled fibers in our global tissue production. We continuously innovate, exploring new designs, renewable materials, and recycling methods to contribute to a circular society.

Are Essity products bleached?

Our hygiene products are not bleached with chlorine gas. We use ECF (elemental chlorine-free) and TCF (totally chlorine-free) methods, both environmentally friendly and safe, ensuring our products meet stringent standards.

What is Essity doing to reduce the use of plastics?

We prioritize reducing plastic use and increasing recyclability. We use plastics only where necessary for hygiene and safety. Our goal is 100% recyclability for all packaging, and 85% of our packaging will be made from renewable or recycled material by 2025.

What are your plastic bottles made of? Do they contain bisphenol A?

Our plastic bottles are made of polyethylene and do not contain bisphenol A. It is prohibited by our Global Supplier Standard and isn't used in the production process, ensuring your safety.

Should I be concerned about bisphenol in Essity absorbent hygiene products?

No need to worry about Bisphenol A in our products. It's not intentionally added to our raw materials and isn't used in the production process. Our rigorous analysis ensures any potential traces are well below safety limits.

I'm trying to be aware of hidden formaldehyde in everyday products. Do Essity products contain formaldehyde?

We never intentionally add dangerous substances, including formaldehyde, to our products. Trace levels might be present in raw materials, but when detected, these are barely over the limit. No need for concern as we prioritize your safety.

Do Essity intimate washes contain any dangerous chemicals?

Our products undergo rigorous testing under gynecological control. Only approved, carefully chosen ingredients are used, ensuring safety for our customers. You can confidently use Essity intimate washes.

Are phthalates present in Essity's products?

We never intentionally add phthalates to our hygiene products. While trace levels might be found in raw materials, these are so minimal that they're barely detectable and far below safety levels. Your safety is our top priority.

I'm worried about whether Essity products contain dioxins. Should I be?

Rest assured, none of our materials are bleached with chlorine gas, the method that produces dioxins. Any trace levels detected are either below or just above detection limits, similar to natural environmental levels and well below regulatory limits.

Can I be sure that Essity products don’t contain chemicals known to cause cancer?

Our products do not contain harmful chemicals or known carcinogens in amounts anywhere near dangerous. We strictly prohibit the use of known carcinogenic and mutagenic chemicals in our raw materials and production processes, ensuring your safety.

Do Essity absorbent hygiene products contain perfume or specific perfume components?

Some feminine pads and liners do contain perfume. We rigorously assess these perfumes for safety, clearly labeling products with terms like "contains perfume" or "scented" to keep you informed. Your well-being and transparency are our priorities.

What is Essity’s position on genetically modified organisms (GMOs)?

Essity does not use wood fibers from genetically modified trees and commits to use only fresh fibers wich are either FSC (Forecast Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certificationcertified. 

We recognize the uncertainties regarding GMOs' environmental and health risks, adopting a precautionary approach to materials derived from GMOs. For more details, refer to Essity's GMO position.

Do Essity products contain preservatives?

Preserving cosmetic products is essential to ensure their safe use, as otherwise they are vulnerable to attack by micro-organisms. So, yes, we do use preservatives in some of our cosmetic products – both to maintain product integrity and to protect you, the consumer.

The preservatives we use are meticulously assesed and chosen, ensuring both legal compliance and safety for consumers. 

Absorbent hygiene products like towels, tampons, liners, or period panties do not require preservation. Substances with a biocidal effect are added only to specific products with properties like preventing odor or antimicrobial effects. Any traces of preservatives in additives or manufacturing chemicals are minimal and not a cause for concern.