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Your intimate area has a different temperature than the rest of your body.

In addition, your V Zone behaves differently than the rest of your skin since it has a different pH, which helps to maintain balance.
When moisture stays in the V Zone for a long time, it can generate infections or uncomfortable situations. Unfortunately, this is something that happens to most women at one point in their lives.
These are five reasons why you should avoid humidity in your V Zone:
1. It attracts infections and favors the growth of fungi.
2. It causes a loss of vaginal flora.
3. It causes burning when urinating or having intercourse.
4. It can generate an itch that becomes annoying.
5. Its smell becomes noticeable and unpleasant.
To keep your V Zone free of moisture, specialists recommend:
1. Clean your V Zone daily.
2. After bathing, dry your intimate area well before putting on your underwear 
3. Use our Saba Daily Pantiliners to avoid humidity and change it 3 times per day.
4. Do not wear clothing that is too tight, and try to use 100% cotton underwear.
It is essential to keep the V Zone clean during the day to reduce the risk of possible irritations.
Finally, doctors recommend avoiding feminine hygiene sprays, fragrances, or powders in the genital area, as they can cause irritation.