Although it’s common for women+ (and men) to remove some or all their pubic hair, whatever you choose – including leaving everything alone – is entirely your decision.

Yes, pubic hair does have a purpose (mainly to help protect the groin area from infection)1 but doing what you want with your pubes isn’t going to affect your health. It just means a bit more time spent on maintenance.

Anything from a tidy-up to total removal requires a shave, depilatory cream or wax. A more expensive option with a longer-term effect is laser treatment. Most women+ usually try a few techniques out before they settle on what works best for them.

emptyV-Zone Care After Hair Removal

You might find your skin is sensitive after shaving or using hair-removal cream, so try to avoid wearing pants that are too tight, as any friction on this area will make it more irritated or sore. Usually skin calms down within a couple of days2, but if you find it doesn’t, make sure the razor, cream or shaving foam you use is compatible with your skin type and doesn’t irritate your skin.

If you’re looking for something to soothe your intimate skin after hair removal, try ourSaba® Sensiti-V™ Intimate Wash(though with waxing, it’s often advised that you wait a few hours after a treatment before you shower or bath).3

Waxing is popular because it’s quick and gives a smooth finish that can last for weeks. It may, however, cause ingrown hairs4. Don’t worry, though. A little gentle exfoliation in the shower will help to prevent these. If you prefer shaving, always go easy around your hard-to-reach bits and be sure to watch out for nicks or cuts. Even the smallest skin tear can put you, or a sexual partner, more at risk of STIs.

From time to time you might find you get a little sweaty down there. Some people like to trim their pubic hair occasionally, but a quick wash or shower will keep you feeling comfortable, especially after exercise or sex. If normal soap makes your skin irritated, ourSaba® Sensiti-V™ Intimate Washis gentle on sensitive skin. It won’t mess with your vulva’s natural pH level either, so you’ll be less likely to experience an infection or dryness.

If showering or washing are not an option for you sometimes, ourSensiti-V™ Intimate Wipesare a really useful addition to your bag.

Whatever you do with your pubic hair, our products help to support your healthy, happy vulva.

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