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As you may already know, it is important to teach your sons about menstruation. Your sons may have sisters, and one day they may have a menstruating partner and daughters of their own.

For these reasons, it is critical that your son feels comfortable with a woman’s natural process and is prepared to deal with it when it presents itself in his life. 
For the sake of the conversation, let’s say that you have your two children: a girl and a boy. Over time, both of them will start to grow, and during adolescence, they will notice changes in their bodies.
Here’s a guide you can use to explain to your son the changes that his sister will undergo. This will help him better understand her, support her, and most importantly, make her feel comfortable.
Make it a normal conversation topic.
If your son is between 8 to 10 years old, it is most likely that he will learn about the subject in school. Find a moment to ask him about what he’s learned in school, maybe bring up the topic yourself. Now is the time to speak with him! Tell him that it is a natural process that all women go through. As a mother, you can even share your experience and how, during the months that he was in your tummy, your menstruation stopped. The more he understands menstruation from a young age, the less likely he will be surprised or scared by more in-depth conversations in the future.
Explain the changes his sister will experience.
If your daughter is older than your son, she may start puberty many years before him. It will be important that you tell your little one about the changes he will see in her sister during adolescence, so that he better understands and does not tease her. Remember that your daughter will be going through a difficult stage, where she could isolate and feel misunderstood. Let’s try to avoid any sibling jokes and comments about her body that may make her feel bad.
Explain that accidents happen.
Sometimes, during the first periods, your daughter may have accidents such as staining herself, her clothes, or her bed. If your son notices a stain or accident, tell him that it is normal so that he does not panic and can support your daughter in the future.
Take him grocery shopping.
A good opportunity to show your son how normal menstruation is, is when you go to the grocery store. Stop by the feminine hygiene section and show him how some girls shop. This will make him understand that it is a topic like any other and that he should not feel uncomfortable about it.
Respect their comfort level.
Some children may be embarrassed to bring up this topic with their parents. Remember to give your son time if he initially rejects the subject. You can always bring it up some other time!