Saba® makes you feel #CómodaContigo.

If you are on some hormonal birth control method, surely you have noticed some changes in your body since you started it 👀, like nausea, weight loss/gain, breast pain, or some other things. So when you stop taking them, it makes sense that some things can change too.

Any hormonal method of birth control changes the way you feel during your day-to-day, whether it’s a pill, patches, a vaginal ring, hormonal IUDs, injections, or implants. We’re all different and the effects you notice may change depending on the symptoms you had before using your birth control method. Here are some things you may notice:
  • Pregnancy: before you start thinking “obviously”, we warn you that this can happen way sooner than you think and that’s why we mentioned it. Many women think that after they stop using a hormonal method, it can take them a long time to conceive. But many studies show that women have the possibility of becoming pregnant in less than a year and that 50% of them become pregnant in the first 6 months. So if you’ve already stopped using a hormonal birth control method, and you don’t want to get pregnant, we recommend using a barrier method like a condom.
  • Your cycle can be altered🙀: it doesn’t matter if your periods were super regular before you started using birth control, it may take your body a few cycles to become regular again. And if you were very irregular, it is very likely that you will become irregular again when you stop using hormones. In some cases, the period may even disappear for a few months.
  • Cramps and heavy flow: If you had heavy flows 🌊 and many cramps before using a hormonal method, it is extremely probable that this will return.
  • Pimples: Hormones are regularized when we use a hormonal contraceptive method and our skin finds a perfect balance. When we stop taking them, it’s possible to have some acne while your hormones are regulated again.
  • Horny: Oh yes! The sexual desire comes back with everything because our hormones ask again for a baby for our uterus.
You don’t have to worry about anything. We know that at first, your body will experience many changes and all at the same time, but after a few months, everything will return to normal😅.