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Don’t cancel that camping trip just because you have your period!

We understand that it sounds uncomfortable to be without running water during that time of the month, but we don’t think you should ever have to miss out on something while you’re menstruating. You can camp and hike while on your period, it can even be fun! (Yes, really!)
This quick guide will help get you through the days of heavy bleeding, period cramps, and bloating while you’re on the road, in a tent, at a music festival, or deep in the forest.

Period Essentials while Camping

Many people might rush to grab handfuls of pads and tampons to make sure there are enough for the span of their trip. However, these items take up space and require disposing method! Not to mention, pads can get pretty messy while you sleep. Instead, consider bringing a menstrual cup.
You could also opt for period underwear. These can be super helpful if you will be without running water for a long time. Just make sure you have a separate laundry bag to keep them in afterward, so they don’t get mixed up with your clothes.
Other must-have items for camping with your period include:
  • Feminine wipes. pH-balanced feminine wipes will help keep you clean and fresh during long, hot days.
  • Painkillers. Bring some ibuprofen or Midol to help you get through days when you’re feeling crampy.
  • Yummy snacks. Period cravings are real! Bring a few snacks with you that will make you feel happy and comfortable. If you bring chocolate, make sure to keep it somewhere it won’t melt.
  • Extra clothing. Bring an extra pair of shorts, pants, and a few pairs of underwear just in case you have any leaks.

Friendly pH Reminder

Your pH can change when you have your period and make you prone to yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. These can be exacerbated by moist conditions, so it’s important to keep your v-zone as dry as you can during your trip.
  • Change out of wet clothing/bathing suits ASAP
  • Dry your v-zone completely before getting dressed
  • Use feminine wipes after going to the bathroom and after changing your cup/pad/tampon

Saba Feminine Wipes

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