Saba® makes you feel #CómodaContigo.

It is no secret that the body of women has caused controversy and mystery since the beginning of time and, for many years, studying and talking about our anatomy was considered a great taboo. Fortunately, the situation changed and today we have a huge variety of information sources just a click away 💓.

We want you to not be left with any doubt or myth about this very special and characteristic part of us: The vagina. Ready?
Myth # 1: It smells bad.
That is not true! Like the rest of your body, your vulva has an essence of its own, and this is entirely natural. The smell even varies at different stages of your menstrual cycle. 
Of course, if you notice a drastic change in your vaginal odor, accompanied by a change in color in the discharge, itching, or irritation, we suggest you review it with an expert since certain odors can be symptoms of infections such as bacterial vaginosis.
Myth # 2: You bleed when you have sex for the first time.
Although some women bleed the first time they have sex, the vast majority do not. The bleeding associated with the first penetration is caused by stretching the hymen (no, it does not break, it stretches). Most of the time, your hymen has already been stretched by activities such as riding a bicycle or doing gymnastics.
Some women were even born without a hymen! Bleeding is not always indicative of sexual intercourse. So if you don't bleed, don't panic.
Myth # 3: It hurts a lot the first time.
This is not true either. If the hymen stretches during the first intercourse, it can cause some pain. But it's certainly not the horrible or excruciating pain that some people try to terrify you with. The culprit for the pain is actually vaginal dryness, something that can actually happen at any time, not just the first time.
Myth # 4: Your vulva has to be shaved.
No, no, and no. If you like to go natural, go natural. If you prefer to trim some or all of your hair, that's fine too. Waxing is a personal decision that should not be linked to any pressure or stereotype. Remember: your vulva, your choice.
Myth # 5: There is only one type of vulva.
Not true. It is so unlikely that two vaginas or vulvas will look the same. The skin tone, the shape and size of the lips, grooming habits, and other small details result in innumerable variations in the vaginal appearance. The only thing you should pay attention to is any lumps or redness that appear in this area. If there are none of this, the appearance of your vagina will always be healthy and excellent.