Saba® makes you feel #CómodaContigo.

Do you know your period? That monthly, uncomfortable visitor that sometimes arrives before its time or way after it. It brings mood swings, cravings and some cramps.

We all know what a period is and what happens when it arrives, but there’re a few curiosities you still don’t know. Keep reading to know more!

Periods are harder during the cold

Colder weather can make periods a little bit more painful because your body is trying to retain heat, so our period is no longer a priority anymore and our menstrual flow doesn’t have the fluidity it needs. 

Your voice changes during your period

Don’t freak out, you can barely notice it. Several studies show that your voice changes during your period. So, if one day you sound like the little mermaid and another day like the hulk, don’t stress about it. 

Your period can make your brain work slower

During your period you can feel overwhelmed with really simple tasks that, any other day, don’t require a huge effort from you. This is because of our hormones, so don’t stress if you feel a little slower than usual. Take a deep breath and remember it’s only for a couple of days.  

You don’t bleed as much as you think

Every period we feel like we bleed gallons, but actually a normal period is less than a cup of blood and clots. 

Some menstrual periods are longer because their eggs are lazy

Some cycles can last up to 35 days because eggs take way too long to go down the fallopian tubes and get to the uterus.  

PMS symptoms can feel like pregnancy symptoms

Cramps, nausea, tiredness, bloatedness, mood swings, and cravings; notice the connection? It really seems like our body trained us our whole life for pregnancy.  

You can get pregnant during your period

Oh yes, we’ve mentioned this plenty of times, and here we go again. Sperm can live up to 5 days in the vagina and uterus, so if you ovulate during that time, you can get pregnant. 

Myths of the middle age

Throughout history, people have believed that redheads were conceived during period days, and that menstrual blood was a great cure for a lot of diseases. Lucky for us, we were born in another age.😅

We hope that this article gave you some fun facts about your period that you’ll never need but they’ll make you look like an expert in front of your friends.