Let's take a moment to reflect on our period and compare it to a marathon: It is tiring, it has ups and downs, we are happy to run it, but it takes a toll on our energy 😣💨.

Now let's get back to the topic, the relationship between our metabolism and period. With cravings that come at the same time as mood swings and fatigue, it would seem logical that our bodies burn more calories during our period, but is this true? We tell you the answer here: You can be hungrier on those days: the hormones of our menstrual cycle influence the metabolism in our period, and it changes throughout the month. 

According to several studies, there is a slightly higher calorie burn in our menstrual cycle, which is why we are hungrier than usual, and why thousands of cravings arrive. So feel free to eat more because your body needs extra food. We burn more calories at the most unexpected moment: during period days and even before them, many hormonal changes directly affect our metabolism. Many studies show that approximately two weeks before our period arrives, the metabolism accelerates. This means that we burn more calories in the days before it comes. Interestingly, many of us would think that during our period is when we burn the most calories, but in fact, it is a few days before. 

Don't go overboard with exercise: the more calories we burn, the more energy we need. Exercise is good in many ways and helps us with PMS symptoms, but overdoing it on those days can make you too tired and drained of energy. For the days when your period arrives, we recommend a little calmer activities such as yoga and pilates. 

Stay hydrated: drinking water during your period will help you feel much better. Staying hydrated reduces menstrual discomfort and boosts your metabolism. 

Get enough rest: sleeping and resting on those days is very important. It keeps your hormones healthy and reduces the symptoms of PMS. Besides, your metabolism works hand in hand with your sleep schedule, so if you want your metabolism to be healthy, rest however long your body needs.