No matter where in the world you live, being a girl is tough. Some countries have it better than others, sure, but girls all over still have to deal with inequalities, prejudices, threats, and lots of things that are downright unfair.

International Day of the Girl Child was declared an international observance day by the United Nations in 2012. It was created to help increase awareness around gender inequalities that girls face every day – inequalities in areas like access to education, career opportunity, wages, nutrition, medical care, violence, sex trafficking, forced child marriage, and more. 
We know that girls are tough as nails – sometimes even tougher! Over here, it’s International Girl’s Day every day. We’d be nowhere without the strong women in our lives. Our mothers, sisters, best friends, aunts, grandmas… 
Still, it’s pretty cool that the United Nations decided to set aside a day to recognize the struggles that girls all around the world face every day. 
Once of the best things that happens on International Day of the Girl Child is the #GirlsTakeover phenomenon. Individuals, groups, and businesses all over the world use International Day of the Girl Child as an opportunity to amplify girl’s voices. Strong girls step into roles of media, entertainment, business, and even politics to spread awareness about gender inequalities and demand action from their communities – and the world.
As part of our celebration of Day of the Girl, we collaborated with a talented Hispanic artist whose art inspires us.
Sarah is a Venezuelan artist who “always carries a bag full of colors and a notebook” on her. When she’s not drawing in her notebook, she is painting beautiful murals, many of them of empowered women. 
This talented artists created these beautiful illustrations to help us honor International Day of the Girl:
Let’s honor Day of the Girl by celebrating the beauty of our cyclical nature. 

Saba® makes you feel #CómodaContigo.