Saba® makes you feel #CómodaContigo.

We’re living in a time where there is more openness about discussing certain topics. Especially ones that were almost forbidden in the past. But, even in today’s culture, our periods remain a taboo subject.

Certain beliefs have promoted the idea that our periods are something that should be hidden. Here we will show you some attitudes that we can change to make talking about periods a more positive experience.

Call It By It’s Actual Name

There are many euphemisms that people use when talking about periods - a visit from Aunt Flo, that time of the month, riding the crimson tide, etc. Not calling it by its actual name creates a stigma around the subject, and makes it seem like something shameful that should only be discussed in secret. Call it by it’s actual name! By calling menstruation by its name, we gradually change our way of seeing it. So, let's stop speaking in code, and call a period a period.

Periods Aren’t Dirty

Menstruation has long been associated with dirtiness, but this is far from the truth! The period is a natural cycle that says many things about our body. It is normal blood that comes from the uterus. Having a period is actually a sign that you are a healthy person.

We Have to Talk More About Our Periods

Talking about our period openly is still frowned upon by many people. It is a subject that is still spoken of in secret. If we get our period at school or work, we usually take a friend aside and quietly ask them for a pad or tampon. But this only sustains the taboos that exist around menstruation. So, let's talk about our periods like it's a normal thing, because it most definitely is. If you need a pad, say it out loud; if you have doubts about your period, ask questions; and if you are going to buy them, you do not have to hide them.

Although all these beliefs and attitudes have passed from generation to generation, it does not mean that they have to continue being passed on. Let’s break those taboos and start seeing our periods for what they really are: a natural function of our incredibly beautiful, healthy bodies. 💕