Saba® makes you feel #CómodaContigo.

Globally, 49% of women and girls feel social discomfort when they’re on their period, and 26% of women and 44% of men feel uncomfortable purchasing menstrual hygiene products.

If we think about it, a period it’s only our body telling us that it’s healthy and that we have nothing to worry about.  Menstruation is a monthly reality for 2 billion women and it’s time to break the taboos around periods.
At Saba® we believe that it’s super important to break all the myths that exist around this matter. By changing the attitude with which we look at periods, we can help ourselves, and a lot of other women, feel more confident about those days.
We should be happy to be healthy, especially if we want to inspire other girls to live their periods without limitations. Be sure to support them when they need a pad, tampon, or simply to be heard on those days that tend to be more complicated because of the hormonal imbalances we experience.
We shouldn’t allow anyone to make us feel bad about going through a normal and important stage in our lives and making this a reality is everyone’s task, including ourselves. This menstrual hygiene day (and everyday), let's embrace the power that our periods have❤️.