Saba® makes you feel #CómodaContigo.

We all agree that cramps are our least favorite part of having our period. And, to be honest, sometimes we don’t really understand the reason for the intense pain, because there are so many myths that try to “explain” why some months are more painful than others that we don’t know what to believe anymore.

However, none of these “explanations” are real, and doing or not doing some activities will not help reduce pain. ☹️ That’s why we’ll be helping dispel some myths and common misconceptions. 👇

  •  The best thing to do is rest and not move around too much.This is totally false. Even though we don’t feel like doing anything on those tough period days, the fact is that the more physical activity you engage in during your period, the better you feel emotionally and physically.
  • Eating certain foods gives you more cramps.We know that coffee, spicy food, citrus juices, chocolate, and alcoholic beverages can cause gastric discomfort. These foods are not related to increased cramping, but they can cause irritation in the stomach, bloating in the body, and dehydration. The negative effects of consuming these foods is what can increase pain and discomfort during your period. So we recommend consuming them in moderation.
  • Exercising makes cramps worse.No way! Exercise helps us relax and leaves us with a feeling of tranquility and relief on the days that we most need it.
  • Using a menstrual cup reduces cramping.This is a lie! The truth is that one thing has nothing to do with the other. Cramps are caused by substances called prostaglandins, which are in charge of creating uterine contractions to facilitate the elimination of the endometrium. So, it makes no sense to say that introducing an object into the vagina will help reduce cramps.
  • Bathing in cold water makes cramps worse.Does anyone actually believe this? 😳 This one is obviously a myth. Enjoying a cold bath will not increase contractions in the uterus, so you can keep bathing in cold water without a care in the world.
The truth is that there is nothing you can’t do during your period. Remember that your period is not an illness, it is a natural process and what it really means is that you are healthy because you get it every month.