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Vaginal discharge is a lubricant fluid generated by the mucous membrane. It generates lubrication in a natural way that turns white or yellow when exposed to air.

Our flow changes color and consistency throughout our cycle, and this is completely normal. However, it’s a fact that there are still many myths surrounding it, so we’ll tell you some of the most popular ones to stop misinformation once and for all.

Myth: The discharge represents an infection.

Totally false! As we told you before, a discharge is a normal and necessary lubrication produced by our body. The discharge contains cervical mucus, dead cells, and helpful bacteria that keep the vagina free of infections.

Myth: Vaginal discharges can smell like fish.

False! Discharges have been associated in a wrong way with a “fishy smell”. However, this is a totally false belief. Each vagina has its own smell and this is completely normal. This myth is born from vaginal infections, because when they appear they alter the smell, making it unpleasant.

Myth: The discharge only appears on fertile days.

FALSE! Vaginal Discharges are completely normal throughout the menstrual cycle and change depending on what stage you are in.

Myth: Pregnant women have no discharges.

FALSE! The reality is quite the opposite, during pregnancy, the vaginal discharge tends to increase because the body is making its best effort to keep infections away.

Myth: Diet affects discharges.

So true. Diet can influence the odor of the discharge.
The truth is that the discharge is a supernormal process of our body that helps us keep the vagina moist and free of infections, which like our period will accompany us throughout the entire fertile life. If after learning this information discharges are still worrying you, then remember that you can use daily pantiliners like Saba® Diarios Regular that will help you keep your V-zone free of infections.