We tell women a simple story: You’ll get your period for the first time around twelve. Once a month you’ll experience cramping and bleeding. You’ll grow up and have some children. And you’ll get more periods until your body politely retires around fifty.

But it’s never that simple, mis amores, is it? There are billions of unspoken, unknown stories of our periods, vulvas, and wombs. These are our WombStories – and they are as complex and profound as each of us are.
WombStories are real stories of love and hate. Of pleasure and pain. Of pain so severe that it’s been labeled as a disease called endometriosis. Stories of longing and trying for children. The joy of birth. The pain of birth. And the silent devastation of miscarriage.
Stories of never wanting children – ever.
Stories of clockwork periods and haywire ones. Of awkward teenage beginnings and roller-coaster peri-menopausal endings. Good stories. Bad stories. Mundane ones. Profound ones. The bitter. The sweet.
All our WombStories are as valid, as normal, and as real as any others. None of us should be asked to hide our experiences or keep our feelings to ourselves. To know each other - to see each other – is to help each other. Our real #WombStories need to be heard and shared.
GRACIAS A LAS MUJERES who've shared their personal stories with us. Your stories break taboos, normalize the struggles, make us feel less alone and inspire us to keep pushing forward in breaking the stigmas around women's intimate experiences. If you'd like to share yours, we'd love to hear it.
You deserve to be heard. We are listening. Share your story on social media and tag #WombStories.
If you have any concerns related to the topics touched on by #wombstories, please remember you can always ask and talk to your doctor.

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