Saba® makes you feel #CómodaContigo.

Whether this is your first period or one-hundred-and-first, getting your period can feel like a major “oh no!!” moment. Seriously… anyone else out there in their twenties still feeling like you’re stumbling around, hoping for the best every month?

You’re not alone!

Getting your period can be a stressful time of the month, especially when it doesn’t align with your gender identity. 
Let’s talk about some tips that might help ease anxiety and feelings of gender dysphoria while on your period.

Seek a Gender-Affirming Attitude

If you feel particularly vulnerable during your period, you might consider amping up your clothing and attitude during this time of the month to reflect who you are. For example, perhaps wear a binder under your shirt or apply some makeup that makes you feel beautiful.

Lean on the People You Trust

The people who love you want to be there for you. Although you might not think that they understand what you’re going through, we’re willing to bet that they will try as hard as they can to make you feel less alone.
Getting involved with LGBTQIA+ groups can be a great way to meet people who do understand exactly what you’re going through. Chat with someone from the Trevor Project, join a local Facebook group, attend community events… you will find your tribe.

Saba is Here to Help

Saba is an organization dedicated to helping everyone who gets their period, no matter what their gender identity is. Shop our period products and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about any of them! We are here for you.