Discover a new way to discard your pad!

How do you feel when it’s time to discard your pad? Are you the kind of person that wastes half a roll of toilet paper wrapping your used pad to make sure no one sees it? Or are you the person who buries their pad under a mountain of stuff so it can never be found in the trash? Or maybe, you’re the one that has even taken your used pad in your bag because you fear the next person might see it. If any of these is you, stop worrying! We have the solution.

Introducing a new way to discard your pad!

Our pads now come with a new technology for a discreet disposal wherever you are. How does it work?

Roll. Press. Go!

Every pad wrap has self sealing edges on all sides. Once you remove your used pad, you can just roll it, press the edges and throw it away. It will stay tightly secured after disposal, making the whole process cleaner and more hygienic. Our mission is to help you feel #ComodaContigo and this is one of the many ways we strive for it.

With our new technology, all you have to do is:

So you can feel comfortable from the moment you use it, until it’s time to discard it.