Saba® makes you feel #CómodaContigo.

We’ve all come across many "no-no’s" when it comes to our period: "You can't do this”; "You can't do that"; "No blah blah...” The reality is that nothing prevents us from continuing to do our favorite activities.

We’re going to break down the myths that they’ve told you about “things you can’t do” during your period: 

“You can’t exercise.”

We’re sure you’ve heard this one many times during those days. They say, “you shouldn’t exercise,” when in reality, exercising during your period helps to relieve pain since you release endorphins that generate a feeling of well-being.

“You can’t go to the beach or pool.”

This is one of the most absurd beliefs about menstruation. Of course we can get in the water and enjoy our vacation. Make sure to use a tampon, be sure to change it every few hours, and change or take it out when you are done having fun in the water.

“You can’t have sex.”

Many women still believe that it is not possible to have sex while on your period, but this is totally false! It turns out that sex can be more pleasant during those days, because the vagina and cervix are more sensitive and allow for even more pleasure. But beware! Remember to use protection, because even though you’re on your period, you can still get pregnant.

“You can’t watch sad or romantic things.”

It is a complete myth that we are “sensitive” during our period. Although, for some it is partly true thanks to the hormonal changes that happen in our body. The only truth here is that nothing prevents you from enjoying your favorite movies or series.

 For some of us, menstruation can come with symptoms that we do not necessarily like or make us feel good. But the reality is that your period, and any related symptoms, don’t have to interfere with your daily life. What do you do during your period that they always told you you couldn't do?