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How much do you think you know about menstruation and your period?

We are still being surprised by data and new studies about what is undoubtedly a fascinating process of the female body that still has many secrets.

Menstruationis a cycle of life and fertility that lasts approximately 24 to 32 days, but has at least four phases that are full of physical, mental, and emotional implications. Do you know what they are? Don’t worry if you don’t, we’ll discuss everything here:

Ovulation: This phase refers to when an egg is released from your ovary. More specifically, it is the only moment in which we are very fertile and can get pregnant. That is why in this phase we feel full of vitality and joy, with lots of energy and ready to face any situation.

Premenstruation: Refers to the days before menstruation and after the ovulation phase. It is a phase of preparation for menstruation and where we might feel more melancholic and thoughtful.

Menstruation: This is the phase in which our body sometimes demands for us to be alone and calm, we might feel bothered by all interaction and get physically exhausted more quickly than usual.

Pre-Ovulation: Refers to the days after menstruation and before the ovulation phase. It is a transition phase between menstruation and ovulation.

People often point out the similarity of the phases of our menstrual cycle and its characteristics in our body to the nature of the seasons of the year:

Ovulation: Summer ☀️

Premenstruation: Autumn

Menstruation: Winter ❄️

Pre-Ovulation: Spring

What do you think? Have you observed yourself carefully during your menstrual cycle and come to the same conclusion?