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This is a very personal decision, that should be based on your needs and the activities you perform throughout your daily life and your needs.

But it’s completely normal if you don’t know which one you should choose at first since there are many options. So, here are the basics you should know about female pads.

What are their differences?

Feminine pads have 3 main characteristics: thickness, length, and absorption. Each one has its own variations to keep you protected and comfortable according to your needs.
  • Level of absorption: This depends on the amount of flow during your period, which can be mild, moderate, or heavy. You can even alternate between different levels of absorption. For example, using one for those days when your flow is heavier, and another for those days when you notice it's lighter.
  • Thickness: There are regular and ultra thin pads. Both have the same absorption capacity and give you the same protection, but the difference is that the ultra thin ones are more discreet and can give you more freedom to move. For example, during your P.E class.
  • Length: There are longer pads, such as overnight pads, that are designed for use at night because they cover more space in your underwear and help you avoid accidents. You can also use them during days when your flow is super abundant.

What do you need to consider when choosing?

  • It should have a fast absorption rate to avoid accidents.
  • It should have a strong capacity to keep its surface dry, meaning that it should maintain the greater amount of your flow to its interior without leaking to the surface.
  • It should attach to your underwear, but without leaving leftovers of glue when you remove it, so that it doesn’t ruin your panties.
  • Make sure they fit well to your underwear to avoid accidents while you're moving. Flexible wings are super important when considering this.


They're a good option for days when your period is so light or short that you don't even notice it. For example, when your period is coming to an end. Just don't forget to change them at least 3 times a day.
This is a small guide about the main differences between all types of pads, which can help you compare and choose the one that suits you and your period best. You can also ask your mom and friends for an experienced opinion.
We invite you to try our products, which are specifically designed to make you feel comfortable and safe while you enjoy each moment of your life.