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Vaginal discharges are a secretion generated by the mucous membrane. This is natural lubrication that’s white or a little yellow.

The discharge can change color during the menstrual cycle. But because we know that there’s a lot of myths around vaginal discharge, we put the real info together.
A bit of white discharge, especially at the beginning or end of your menstrual cycle, is normal. However, if the discharge is accompanied by itching and has a thick, cottage cheese-like consistency or appearance, it’s not normal and needs treatment. This type of discharge may be a sign of a yeast infection.
Clear and watery
A clear and watery discharge is perfectly normal. It can occur at any time of the month. It may be especially heavy after exercise.
Clear and stretchy
When a discharge is clear but stretchy and mucous-like, rather than watery, it indicates that you are likely ovulating. This is a normal type of discharge.
Brown or bloody
Brown or bloody discharge is usually normal, especially when it occurs during or right after your menstrual cycle. A late discharge at the end of your period can look brown instead of red. You may also experience a small amount of bloody discharge between periods. This is called spotting.
In rare cases, brown or bloody discharge can be a sign of endometrial or cervical cancer. It could be other problems such as fibroids or other abnormal growths. This is why it’s important to get a yearly pelvic exam and Pap Smear. Your gynecologist will check for cervical abnormalities during these procedures.
Yellow or green
A yellow or green discharge, especially if it’s thick, chunky, or accompanied by an unpleasant smell, isn’t normal. This type of discharge may be a sign of the infection trichomoniasis. It’s commonly spread through sexual intercourse.
Vaginal discharges are absolutely natural and keep the vagina healthy. 
If you happen to feel uncomfortable with vaginal discharges, remember that you can also use some pantiliners to keep any discomfort away.
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