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If your skin experiences constant friction with clothes, or is constantly humid from the sweat produced by your swimsuit area (a.k.a., your V Zone), it has a higher risk of developing issues, so discovering a pimple in this area may alarm you... But wait!

In addition to doing your daily intimate care routine, there are some things you should take into account so these pimples don’t become a problem.

Do you really need to worry? If the pimple is not particularly painful, does not grow in size or spread, it is probably not something serious.

It is a good idea that if you have doubts, you go to your doctor or gynecologist for a check-up. Specially, if these pimples appear after having sex, are painful, or have any discharge. Learn more about several kinds of bumps that could appear in the V Zone here.

Here’s some advice for that pesky V Zone acne:

The best way to deal with these pimples is to avoid them! There are some day-to-day habits that can cause them. For example, a recent waxing, using regular soaps in the area, or a build-up of sweat. To treat V Zone acne, it’s important that you have a healthy daily intimate hygiene routine, with products that respect the pH of the area. These products must be acidic to prevent the growth of bacteria. Our Saba® Intimate Wash Sensiti-V™, for example, is hypoallergenic and pH balanced. Since it’s designed for delicate skin, it can be used daily to protect the V Zone from acne.

Here are more ideas on how to incorporate daily intimate care into your routine.

Don’t pop the pimples! The advice that applies to the pimples on your face is twice as important to follow for your V Zone, since popping them can cause you to develop an infection or other, more serious, problem.

Keep the area dry. Sweat is one of the main causes of pimples in this area, so the most important thing to do is keep any moisture away from the skin. This, of course, means changing out of your gym clothes or wet bathing suit as soon as possible. You can also incorporate Saba® Diarios® Multiestilos™ Ultra Thin into your routine, to reduce humidity and discomfort in the area.

Be careful with your hair removal routine. Hair removal is a process that, if not done incorrectly, can worsen discomfort. For example, you should try the type of product you intend to use (wax, cream, etc.) in another area before putting it on your V Zone, or go to a certified specialist who can help you find a product that is right for you. Or just go au naturel - it might end up feeling better than dealing with pesky V Zone acne all the time. 

Use a warm compress. For those pimples that cause irritation or itching, one way to treat the discomfort is by applying a warm compress (a towel soaked in warm water). Press it against the area and apply pressure until the swelling begins to subside.

If you try everything we mention here, and the pimples don’t go away, it is best to consult your gynecologist or doctor to rule out an infection or a more serious medical condition.