Saba® makes you feel #CómodaContigo.

Every month our period arrives and upsets our hormones, makes us feel super sentimental, and makes us puff up like balloons 🎈.

Period symptoms are often super uncomfortable, but did you know that there are some common mistakes we all make that can make this cycle feel even worse?
Check out some of these mistakes you can avoid:
Thinking that your period ended earlier
It is the third or fourth day, you think that your period is finally over, and you don’t want to waste a pad or tampon so you go out without any. But suddenly, surprise! Your period isn't completely gone and you just stained your underwear. Ugh! Next time, when in doubt, at least protect yourself with a daily pantiliner!
Taking pain relievers on an empty stomach
Even if you have terrible colic pain, try to eat something before taking painkillers. They could make you feel much worse, as these medications generally irritate the stomach.
Not Exercising
Understandably, the last thing you want to do on those days is exercise. But movement relieves colic and elevates your mood. So, try to move your body, even if it’s doing something gentle like yoga or going for a walk.
Going to some painful treatment
When on our periods, our tolerance to pain is lower. If you don't want to suffer more than you already are, avoid painful treatments like waxing, laser, facials, having a tooth removed, or anything similar.
Cleaning stains with hot water
Many believe hot water will help you remove stains from clothes, but it’s the opposite. Use cold water instead.
Not keeping track of your period
Having no idea when your period will start or how long it will last doesn’t let you prepare. Use an app that helps you keep track so you can prepare and avoid being surprised every month.
Although our period is not an easy week, we can make the most of it by avoiding these mistakes 😉.