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An important part of self-care is being informed about what happens in our body during menstruation, that's why we're going to talk about the causes of 5 common menstrual symptoms, and how to soothe them.


Cause: If you feel like you gained weight or you feel bloated, it could be caused by fluid retention. Even though the exact science that causes these symptoms is unknown, just like everything else during your period, it could also be due to hormonal changes

Solution: Prevent the consumption of things that are high in salt or caffeine because they increase fluid retention. If you cut these foods out of your diet during your period, and symptoms continue, consult with your doctor. If you brew some tea with anti-inflammatory properties, it could help soothe your discomfort. A good tea to make is bay leaf and cinnamon. Just boil the two ingredients and let it cool, then sweeten to your taste.


Cause: This one is caused by a combination of hormones, but mostly, the high levels of testosterone during menstruation that stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum than usual. This chain of events can cause something as simple as a natural shine to your face, or something more uncomfortable, like breakouts.

Solution: Aside from having good hygiene, it's important to lead a healthy lifestyle, especially when choosing what to eat. The one who can help you identify the best course of treatment for this symptom is your doctor. Learn more about hormone-related acne.


Cause: They are caused by uterine contractions to allow for the endometrium to detach, which is induced by prostaglandin substances. Not only can you feel cramps in your abdomen, the pain can extend as far as your thighs and lower back.

Solution: Try using a heating pad on your stomach, because not only does it serve as an anti-inflammatory, but it's also a natural analgesic for that area. 


Cause: Hormonal changes plus the discomfort caused by other symptoms we can experience during PMS, can prevent our body from relaxing. 

Solution: Other than having healthy eating habits, it's important that you make sure to get enough quality, restful sleep. Get more details here.


Cause: Cravings are the way our body tells us what it's lacking, because hormonal changes cause the body to need certain types of nourishment at certain times. 

Solution: It's important that you maintain your eating schedule and stay hydrated, while satisfying those cravings with healthy options. See more tips here.

And don't forget, it's also essential that you keep track of your menstrual cycles, recording the symptoms and their intensity.