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Sometimes we normalize the pain during our period so much that a common question may be: Is it wrong if I don't have cramps during my period?

If you don't have symptoms or pain during your period, you’re ok! It is possible and it is normal.

As we have told you before, period cramps are a pain in the lower abdomen and are caused by substances called prostaglandins, which release the lining of the uterus and serve to increase contractions so that the endometrium detaches from the uterine walls.

And... Why doesn't it hurt me?

Your pain threshold has a lot of influence. That is, whether you can tolerate physical pain or not. An important factor is the diet you have daily. Sometimes, cramps can be a response to inflammation due to the type of fat you consume (trans, saturated, and omega 6), so, junk food and sugars. Your lifestyle can also influence you since if you like to exercise or dance you may be less prone to having strong cramps. Uterine or ovarian pathologies may also have an influence.

And if I get cramps, should I worry?

Cramps are a very common symptom in women, but it is important that you take into account their intensity and duration, since if they prevent you from doing your daily activities, last several days in a row or are accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and general discomfort, it is recommended to check in with your gynecologist so they can prescribe medication and check that everything is perfect 👌🏼.

Now you can be calmer and enjoy your menstrual periods without cramps, you are one of the few women who do not have this uncomfortable symptom! 😌 Remember that you can avoid cramps by exercising, drinking water, as well as having a healthy diet low in sugar.