Saba® makes you feel #CómodaContigo.

From pregnancy to giving birth and postpartum, your body undergoes a lot of changes! Although you might be filled to the brim with love for your new baby, you might not be able to say the same for your body that now feels so unfamiliar.

Pregnancy and childbirth typically result in things like stretch marks, leaky boobs, a saggy belly, and the dreaded little bit of pee that comes out when you laugh or sneeze too hard. 
It’s really tough feeling out of control of your body, and we aren’t here to minimize the way you feel! But, we would like to offer some gentle reminders and words of encouragement during this new period of your life to hopefully make you feel more in tune with your miraculous, beautiful body.

1. Be patient with yourself

There isn’t a set timeframe for postpartum recovery. Your body won’t right away snap back to the way it was before you got pregnant, but it WILL heal. In the meantime, give your body all the extra love you can. Rub cocoa butter wherever feels good, take walks when you can, do light abdominal exercises to gain back your strength.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others

Everybody is different. If you know someone whose stomach looks flat 3-weeks after they had a baby, then good for them. But that’s not a standard that you should hold yourself to. Do your best to focus on yourself and your recovery and definitely don’t get into any social media spirals, looking at celebs post-baby bodies. They aren’t real! Remember there are tools called photoshop, lighting, posing and airbrushing… Social media is never an accurate reflection of reality.

3. Remind yourself of your strength

Let’s not forget that you just created, nurtured, and birthed a human being! For 9-months, you did everything you could to make a baby that would come out healthy. Now, you’re doing everything you can to make sure they stay healthy and happy so they can grow up to be an incredible person. Your body did that! Instead of punishing yourself for changing, try to reframe your mindset to feel gratitude for the miracle your body just performed. 
There’s no doubt that this is one of the hardest things any woman will go through. Lean on your friends and family members for support during this time, be honest about what you need, and don’t be afraid to ask for some extra love or a day off from baby duties! Nobody needs some “me time” like a new mommy.