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If you want to know more about pregnancy either because you are looking to have a baby or you are simply curious, you've come to the right place. We have all the info you need!

Pregnancy, known as embryonic development, is the period that occurs between fertilization and delivery. It usually lasts nine months and is divided into three trimesters, where different parts of the baby's body develop. 

First trimester 

After ovulation and dropping of the egg occur, fertilization takes place. 

From this moment on, the zygote divides and forms new cells until it becomes an embryo. 

By the fourth week, it begins to nourish itself from the uterine wall and begins to develop its first systems, such as the brain, spinal cord, heart, etc. 

During the sixth to ninth weeks, the fetus develops its eyes, ears, hands, and feet. The brain of the embryo continues to develop, and bone tissue is formed. You can also begin to see the elbows, arms, and essential organs start to grow! 

By the 10th week, the fetus measures approximately 7 cm, and you can begin to notice its eyelids, ears, and face. The placenta begins to nourish the fetus through the umbilical cord. 

Second trimester 

At this stage, you can already know the gender. 

Between weeks 15 and 18, the fetus will begin to make its first movements. 

Its eyes will remain closed, and their bones become hard. Lanugo begins to appear, a fine hair that will eventually cover all of its skin. 

Its senses begin to develop, and it may even begin to hear your voice.

In week 22, eyebrows and eyelashes will begin to appear. It will also have its first bowel movement, which you will pass through your intestinal tract. 

At the end of this stage, the airways of the fetus will develop.

Third trimester

The fetus finishes developing its eyes, and its footprints are perceptible. Their lungs will work much better, and, at this stage, they can hear outside noises. 

Between weeks 27 and 30, the fetus opens its eyelids. Its nervous system develops significantly, especially the brain. 

During week 28, the fetus will position itself head down, making it easier to move its knees and feet and making it easier for the mom to deliver. 

By week 35, its heart, blood vessels, bones, and muscles will be fully formed. During weeks 38 to 40, the lanugo disappears, except on its shoulders and arms. 

By week 40, the fetus is fully developed and ready for birth.