Why is my gynecologist asking me awkwards questions?
Saba® makes you feel #CómodaContigo.

We’ve all been through those awkward moments at the gynecologist when we get asked about our most intimate secrets.

It’s uncomfortable, we know! You might feel the doctor is judging you and that everything you say can be used against you. But you MUST remember this feeling is FALSE! You have nothing to worry about! Our doctors are not there to judge us. Quite the opposite! The more information they have, the better they can help us. So, next time don't be afraid of these questions:

The number of sexual partners you’ve had:

Don't worry, nobody cares about this number. The only reason the doctor asks you this is to calculate the chances that you may contract an STD and to be able to guide you with the necessary prevention treatment.

If you have/had an eating disorder:

They ask you this because eating disorders can have consequences on your health. Don't worry, you can respond that it is a complicated topic for you. Talk about it little by little, your doctor will understand.

If you've had an abortion:

We know that this is a delicate and stressful subject, but remember that the doctor will not judge you and will understand what you experienced. Your doctor just wants to know the impact this had on your physical and emotional health. Knowing will help your doctor see the potential risks that may exist with a future pregnancy.

Your sexual orientation:

This question is only asked to know the risks of contracting an STD. It will also save both of you time by giving you the information you need, not one that could be irrelevant to you.

If you smoke, drink, or use drugs:

Your doctor needs to know this to understand the consequences that it can have on your body and thus be able to give you the correct treatment based on the information that applies to your lifestyle.

We know it's tempting to lie when questions get awkward, you feel embarrassed, or you think, "WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME SO MANY THINGS?" But when we lie or omit information, we are playing with our health. Remember that telling the truth is ALWAYS worth it.