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We all know about the existence of condoms, and we know their main function, but we want to make clear a few things that we consider important to know before using them. Keep reading and find out everything you didn’t know about them.

Can you get pregnant if you don’t know how to use them?

18 out of 100 women get pregnant each year because they don’t know how to use condoms correctly. We know that condoms are 98% effective, but this is only when they are used properly. The condom should always be in place before any contact with the vagina to prevent any fluid from coming into direct contact with the vagina. Also, you should be really careful when opening a condom and making sure it isn’t damaged. 
Use a new condom every time you have sex, and finally, read the instructions! Don't be embarrassed, it will only take a couple of minutes and then you’ll know how to use it correctly.

New condoms can be damaged

By “new condoms”, we mean all condoms that come in different flavors and colors. These condoms have a much higher error rate than traditional condoms because they often have inferior quality control, and also result in a waste of money. Do you have doubts about which brands to buy? Ask your doctor about which options are best for you and your partner.

If your partner is another girl, you still need a condom?

Although you don’t have to worry about pregnancy, you do have to worry about getting an STD, and many of these can be transmitted through oral sex. A latex barrier prevents fluid contact and infections.

The phrase "doesn't feel the same" is completely invalid. 

Even though your partner may say that the sensation is completely different when using a condom, the truth is it shouldn’t change the feeling and intention. If you ever get this excuse, you can say that thousands of couples feel much more comfortable when using a condom, because they can both focus on what’s going on and not on the consequences of not protecting themselves. Remember to ALWAYS make clear that your priority is your health and that unsafe sex is NOT an option for you.
For more information about birth control methods we invite you to read our article: Faqs about birth control.