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Although it may be hard to accept, the day will come when your little girl will tell you "mommy/daddy I have a boyfriend".

Your heart and mind will want to panic, but calm down! The best thing you can do is talk to your daughter about what is involved in having a relationship and guide her through this experience. 

So that this news doesn't come as a surprise and you know what to do, here are the basics:

Allow her to live and learn: forbidding her certain things can generate unnecessary rebellion, the best thing you can do is talk to her and become a trustworthy person for your daughter to share details of her relationship with you.

Strengthen your relationship with your daughter: Sharing certain experiences of your own can help improve your relationship and communication with your daughter, so it will be easier for her to listen to what you have to say.

Advise: It's always good to talk to your daughter about mistakes to avoid in a relationship and what to watch out for.

Principles: Talking about values and their importance within a relationship can help your daughter be better oriented, e.g., faithfulness, respect, and honesty.

Talk to your in-laws: Don't worry, it's not about planning a wedding or talking about the future of the families, it's just a way for both families to protect their children, just remember not to be invasive.

Sexuality: It is super important to talk about this, since sexuality is a topic that will most likely be present in the relationship, talking to her about sex and guiding her will help her to make informed and responsible decisions.

Respect: If your daughter sees respect between her parents it will be much easier for her to understand this concept. She will learn how to respect her partner and how to be respected.

Think about how your daughter feels and how you would have liked your parents to react when you told them about your first boyfriend. Take it calmly and cheerfully, make your daughter feel comfortable to share her experiences with you, and make it easier for her.