Stages Of Sexuality
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Sexuality not only refers to the act of reproduction. It refers to sexual desires, feelings, fantasies, and emotions - specifically, the development of sexual identity. As part of a person’s identity, sexuality allows an individual to identify and act as a sexual being.

Like physical and mental development, sexuality forms gradually and needs to go through a series of stages before it is complete. These are the stages:

1. Puberty: The Great Awakening

Change - the word that perfectly sums up this stage. It seems as if from one day to the next you have breasts, pubic hair, wider hips, and the worry of staining your clothes during your period. Your body undergoes a complete metamorphosis!

But it’s not all bad. This stage is full of first times that you will never forget. It’s quite an adventure!

To experience puberty in the best possible way, we recommend talking about it, not being afraid to discover new things, and researching topics that have to do with sexuality and bodily functions.

2. Adolescence: First Sexual Encounters

After experiencing your sexuality alone (you probably already experimented with masturbation, done research on sex, etc.), it is usually in adolescence that you start to feel confident enough to have your first sexual experience with another person.

Even so, it is super common to feel embarrassed and clumsy during this phase. But little by little, you will start to feel more confident about your body and sex.

3. Young Adult: Time to Enjoy

The rush of being with someone (or several people) for the first time is great. But, the real question is: did you enjoy it? When you ask yourself this question, you’ve usually moved on to the next phase: Young Adulthood. This is when you want to experiment beyond what you already know to experience "true pleasure.”

4. Adulthood: New Experiences

In this phase, it is very common to achieve sexual fulfillment. This is because you have more confidence in yourself and are not afraid to say what you like and don't like.

In addition to knowing yourself better, you start to have an interest in things you never thought you would like. In short, at this stage what characterizes you is security and openness to trying new things.

5. Maturity: Even More Intense

You might think this is the phase where you don’t want to have sex at all anymore. But, no way! It’s the phase when many people rediscover themselves, allowing them to experience sex much more intensely.

Having good sexual health means that you are well-informed, caring, and respectful of yourself and others. Don't be afraid to get to know yourself and your preferences better 😉✨.