What Is A Mammogram?
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To have a healthy life, you must undergo several medical tests throughout your life. We know that going to the doctor and gynecologist is very important in the prevention of serious illness and other complications.

There are tests that every woman must carry out as often as our doctor recommends so we know that everything is in order. One of these studies is a mammogram. A mammography is responsible for checking that our breasts are ok. Keep reading to learn more about this test.

A mammography is an x-ray used to detect signs of breast cancer. Mammograms are the best resource for detecting this disease in the early stages.

You might be wondering, “What’s it like having one?” Well, first, they will ask you to stand up in front of an x-ray machine. After that, a trained technician will place one of your breasts on a plastic plate. Then, it will be covered with another plate, which will apply firm pressure (it won’t be the most pleasant sensation in the world, but it is very necessary). The plates need to press on the breast to be able to properly take the X-ray. Immediately after, an image of the side will be taken. And the process will be repeated on the other breast.

As we mentioned before, this test is not very comfortable - and for some women it can be annoying - but the truth is that it lasts only a few minutes and the discomfort is gone in just a few days. The pain and discomfort will depend on how sensitive your breasts are. Each body is different. If your period makes your breasts more sensitive, the test may produce more discomfort than usual. Most doctors recommend that you get a mammogram every year after your turn 40 years old. So, remind your mother or your aunts to get this test done because it’s important. And if you are already 40 or older, don't forget to schedule your mammogram this year!