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If when reading the word “lubricant”, the only thing that crosses your mind is a picture of a red room with whips and crazy sex, then maybe this article is for you.

Let’s start by telling you that the use of lubricant is still a big taboo in our society and there’s a continuing lack of knowledge about all its uses and functions. Many people still think that these products only serve to practice anal sex, or for the use of sex toys, which is completely false.
First, let’s make clear that lubricants are substances used to reduce female lubrication problems and make penetration easier and more pleasurable. Even if you’re a girl who lubricates a lot, a little extra lubricant will never hurt you, as it will give you a better experience.

These are the most important facts that you should know about lubricants:

  • The main function of a lubricant is to reduce friction, which prevents discomfort and pain that might occur during penetration. Don’t forget that dryness can result in small injuries that increase the risk of HIV infection and other STDs. 
  • When buying a lubricant, it’s very important to do so at an established retailer and to make sure the packaging is in good conditions. Another requirement is that you have to pay attention to the expiration date of the product, because yes, lubricant can expire.
  • The same type of lubricant can be used for both the vagina and the anal area. 
  • The lubricant must be closed properly after use and shouldn’t be exposed to the sun ☀ or excessive heat🔥, otherwise, it will damage.
  • There are four methods of application: it can be placed either at the entrance of the vagina or anus (never inside), on the condom, or on the penis if you don’t use condoms (but we always recommend using one).
  • Substances that aren’t suitable for this purpose must not be used as lubricants. Never use a lubricant that is not compatible with latex if a latex condom is being used. Do not use silicone-based lubricants with silicone-based toys, as they can damage them. Nor should the lubricant be used as a substitute for proper stimulation and excitation. Don’t try substitutes such as vaseline, since it isn’t compatible with latex condoms and can result in breakage. They’re also more difficult to remove from sheets and other surfaces. 
  • You may develop allergies 🤧 to these products. These are seen when using the lubricant leads to irritation or itching in the area. If it’s suspected, discontinue use, and if the discomfort continues, consult a doctor.