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Everyone knows Valentine's Day as a time to express your love for the people who mean the most to you. Although it’s commonly thought of as a holiday for couples, there are no rules that say you can’t celebrate with your friends, family, or just yourself!

After all, the love you give yourself is the most special kind of love you can receive.

It's easy to get caught up in the expectations of this holiday. If you’re in a relationship, you might focus too hard on having a day filled with flowers, presents, and dinner that you just stress yourself out and forget to enjoy the person you’re in love with. And if you’re single, it’s easy to feel left out of the romantic celebrations.

Instead of worrying about the pressures of Valentine's Day, take some time to show yourself love.

emptySelf-Love Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Here are five ways that you can show yourself the affection and attention that you deserve:

1. Make a list of what you love about yourself.

This may sound silly, but it can be very helpful in building self-esteem. When we're feeling down or left out, it's easy to focus on the things we don't like about ourselves. But you have so many amazing qualities that should be celebrated! Make a list of what you love about yourself or write yourself a one-page love letter. Then, do something to celebrate that love!

2. Take the day off

You read that right! Take a personal day from work or school and spend the day however you want. It’s okay to pause your responsibilities, put yourself first, and do things that make you happy. If that means spending a few hours binge-watching your favorite shows, then go ahead and do it! You deserve it.

3. Pamper yourself with a massage or facial

Massages and facials are great ways to relax and unwind — or just because! Many spas offer special deals and discounts during certain times of the year (like Valentine’s Day). If a professional treatment is outside of your budget, give yourself a luxurious DIY facial at home with a sheet mask and take a hot bubble bath.

4. Take yourself out to dinner

Is there a restaurant in town that you’ve been dying to try? Make a reservation for 1! If you think going out to dinner alone will feel uncomfortable, try to look at it from a different perspective. You aren’t “all alone on Valentine’s Day.” You’re a strong, independent person who doesn’t need to wait on someone to take them out. You give yourself everything you want and need. You are proud to take control of your life. You love spending time with yourself, enjoying delicious food, and (of course) ordering dessert.

5. Do something you’ve never done before

Trying new things is a great way to build confidence! Even though it might make you feel nervous at first, you will feel amazing about yourself once you can say, “I did it!” You don’t have to do anything extreme like skydiving (unless you want to). Try a pottery class, cook a challenging meal, or wear an outfit that is a little bit outside of your comfort zone. This is how we learn new things about ourselves and find even more to love!

Make this Valentine’s Day all about the most important person in your life: YOU!