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Breasts are an incredible part of being a woman regardless of size or shape, but there are days when we regret having them for the pain they sometimes cause us.

Breast pain can be caused by different reasons, but what exactly are they and how can we say goodbye to the discomfort once and for all.

Change of bra size

When was the last time you measured yourself to find out what size you are? If you have breast pain and haven’t changed your bra size in a long time, this may be the reason. 
If your bra its too tight or too small, it may be pressing on your breasts all day, causing pain. The same goes for sports bras, especially if you’re large and the bra you wear doesn’t have the support you need for the exercise you’re doing. This can lead to small jerks in the ligaments around the breasts. 


Try thousands of bras until you find the one that fits you perfectly. This means it doesn’t fit you too small, nothing snags into your skin, and your breasts barely move when you jump. 


If you exercised a lot in one day and your chest hurts the next day, it’s probably not breast pain, but the pectoral muscles below them. Don’t worry, this pain is only temporary. 
If you feel like the pain isn’t going away, it’s very likely that the muscle has been injured, and in this case, we recommend that you see your doctor so that he/she can diagnose the cause of the pain. 

Small lumps in the breasts

Often times we may have small lumps due to fibrocystic breast tissue, but calm down, this is very common and we have nothing to worry about.
These lumps are small, benign cysts. They don’t increase the risk of breast cancer, but they can be very painful. We recommend that you see your doctor so that he/she can make sure that there isn’t a  problem with these small lumps.

Your breasts may be sensitive to caffeine

Yes, as ridiculous as it sounds, if you have any fibrocystic tissue, you're probably sensitive to caffeine. Our breasts have small vessels and these can swell when we drink coffee or eat chocolate. This swelling can cause a lot of pain, so we recommend you to pay attention every time you drink coffee in order to know if this is what’s happening.

You’re on your period

This is the most basic explanation of all. The hormonal changes that come with your period, especially the loss of estrogen, cause chest pain. 
Swelling and extreme tenderness can also occur. The good news? It only lasts a few days.