Saba® makes you feel #CómodaContigo.

Loving yourself isn’t always easy, but - like most hard things in life - it’s always worth it. For most people, self-love is a journey that has highs and lows. One day, you might look in the mirror and feel perfectly content with yourself! Then, you might feel completely unlovable a few days later.

It’s important that you understand that this is completely normal, but that you ARE deserving of all the love and good things in the world - even when you don’t believe it yourself. 
That being said, self-love is a practice that we all should work on every day. It has incredible benefits for our mental health and can vastly improve the quality of our relationships. 

1. Self-love helps us stand up for ourselves

When you love yourself, you start to protect yourself fiercely, just as you would for anyone else you love. You learn how to advocate for yourself and what you deserve. You feel more confident saying “NO” and walking away when something doesn’t serve you anymore. It can keep you out of toxic relationships or help you leave when a relationship turns sour.

2. Self-love helps us get what we want

You will get more in touch with yourself and start to really understand what you want out of life when you practice self-love. Sometimes, we find ourselves in bad relationships because that’s all we know. If you can take some time to define what type of relationship you want, you’re in a better position to go out there and find it.

3. Self-love helps us communicate with our partners

Learning to love ourselves means learning what we like and don’t like. Combine that with the confidence self-love will give you and you’ll be well-positioned to have productive conversations with your partner about all kinds of things! What you need to feel secure, what you like in bed, your goals for the future, etc.

4. Self-love helps us feel fulfilled on our own

Relationships should enhance your life - not make you feel suffocated or like you couldn’t survive without your significant other. Loving ourselves allows us to feel complete on our own so we don’t end up in draining, codependent relationships.
It’s never too late to start your journey to loving yourself! Schedule a few hours this week to take care of yourself in a way that really makes you feel good. Take yourself out to lunch at your favorite restaurant, invite your girlfriends over for cocktails, and take a long, luxurious bubble bath. You deserve it!