Know Your Body
Saba® makes you feel #CómodaContigo.

There’s no moment more intimate than when we begin exploring our bodies. This is when we truly begin the process of self-love and self-acceptance 💗.

Many don’t explore their bodies because of taboos and a fear that society will judge them. We are going to tell you why it’s important to know our bodies in order to have a healthier and fuller life.

It helps you detect health problems

Some women don’t pay attention to their sexual organs until they have health complications or are preparing to become mothers. This can be because of some beliefs that society has placed on us. But in reality, if you are informed and know your body, it will be easier for you to remember those little details that make you unique - those marks, pimples, moles, everything!

If you explore your body frequently, even the slightest change may become a warning sign for a disease or be a symptom you can quickly notice and consult with a gynecologist. You can begin exploring with the help of a hand mirror or with your hands 💞.

It boosts your self-esteem

Many times we get carried away by what we see on TV and in magazines. They may lead us to think that our body is not right, that certain things are lacking, or that we have an excess of something, or that the shape of your V Zone is strange. But the reality is that your body is perfect!

Each girl has different attributes and shapes - including your breasts and the shape of your V Zone. So by exploring, you can learn to love your body and improve your self-esteem. Remember that every part of you is wonderful and it's amazing what all of our organs do to keep us healthy and alive. 😎