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Have you ever spent a long time looking at your nipples? The truth? We all have, either in a mirror or looking down, comparing one breast to the other.

We’ve all wondered, “are my nipples normal?🤔” Why is one nipple a little different from the other? Don't worry, we have answers.
Did you know there are 8 types of nipples? Yes, you read right, EIGHT (8)! And when we say nipple, we mean the central part of the breasts. Here is an example:
Well, don’t worry if you think your breasts are weird or if you’re not sure how they should look, here we explain to you the different types of nipples:
Protruding: This type of nipple raises from the surface of the areola, and can be round or square. They seem to want to be the center of attention in our lives.
Flat: It’s a little more shy, almost at the level of your areolas, but when it’s cold they come out of nowhere to remind you that they’re there.
Puffy: The areola wants as much attention as the tip of the nipple, and therefore, rises to the same height as if it were a mountain.
Bumpy: Some areolas have small bumps. The right term for these bumps are Montgomery glands, we know it may sound super elegant, but its main function is to keep the areola protected and moisturized with some of the skin’s natural fat.
Hairy: 99% of nipples are surrounded by small hairs. This is completely normal, although they can vary from girl to girl.
Inverted: These types of nipples are like a more advanced level of flat nipples. They’re small holes in the center of the areola, but once again, if it’s cold, they can feel like protruding nipples.
Unilateral inverted: It might happen that one of your nipples is inverted and the other is not. This is completely normal, BUT if from one day to another your nipples change, it could be a symptom that something is wrong. If you see or notice something strange, it’s best to see your doctor ASAP.
Supernumerary: Sounds super complicated, but in reality, it just means that some people get to have more than two nipples on their chest and although it seems strange. It's much more common than you think.
Remember, if your nipples are not similar to any of these examples, they might be the mixture of two or three styles, but this is what makes you beautiful and perfect as you are😍.