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Sweating is a process carried out by the body to cool itself and balance its temperature. But what happens when this sweat is produced in excess? How can we control it? Keep reading and find out!

Consequences of excessive sweating: 

When we sweat, we lose fluids and electrolytes. However, some people lose electrolytes faster than others, which has consequences to water maintenance and neuromuscular function. 

To avoid excessive sweating, consider the following tips:

  • Take a shower: Take constant baths to wash away accumulated germs and sweat. Don’t forget to dry out your genital area. 
  • Right products: Avoid using strong chemicals in the genital area, and choose an intimate soap for this area. 
  • Trimming pubic hair: Pubic hair can be a breeding ground for yeast and other fungi. Try to trim it a little to keep it clean, as this is key to better air circulation, reducing perspiration and sweat avoidance. 
  • Wear cotton underwear: The absorbent properties of cotton make moisture evaporate much faster, giving a feeling of comfort and freshness. 
  • Avoid douching: This practice can modify your body’s pH. 
  • Water: When you drink a lot much water, you give your body a way to eliminate toxins and bad microorganisms from your body. 
  • Change your pad constantly: Whether you use pads or tampons, be sure to change them often. 
  • Diet: As it’s a disease that is located in the nervous system, it’s necessary to cut caffeine, tobacco and chocolate from your diet, since they produce accelerated and increased perspiration.
Excessive sweating shouldn’t limit your life in any way, because as you can see, there are many solutions that you can put into practice. Don’t forget to visit your doctor if you have any questions.