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Breasts have important functions in women. Do you know them? If the answer is no, keep reading:

The first thing you should know is that female breasts are a set of glands whose primary function is to generate breast milk, which is super essential for the nutrition of all human beings during their first years of life.
Externally, they are mainly composed of the areola and the nipple. Internally, 90% are made up of fatty tissue. The mammary gland is located within it, in which the milk secretion (or milk) is produced.
But what are its main functions?
1. Breastfeeding: as we mentioned earlier, this is its primary function. The milk produced serves as food for newborns. This peculiar liquid is composed of antibodies, proteins, electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals -- which any other artificially created substance cannot replace. In addition, breast milk is so incredible that its composition is adapted to the age of the baby and the nutrients it needs at each stage.
2. Sexual function: the breasts are also part of women's erogenous zones, so they are susceptible to touch or cold. It is even possible for a woman to achieve an orgasm this way.
Now you know that female breasts are not only aesthetically beautiful but also have essential functions, and that is why it is super important to give them the care they deserve, such as: staying hydrated, wearing the correct size bra, applying moisturizers, and so on. Most importantly, perform regular breast self-exams.