Saba® Ultra Invisible™ Ultra Thin Overnight with Wings

Saba® Ultra Invisible™ Ultra Thin Overnight with Wings helps you sleep ultra secure all night long. First, the Ultrabsorb technology, they quickly absorb extra heavy flow from any angle while being ultra discreet. Second, thanks to the SecureFit™ technology they mold differently front and back, adapting perfectly to your body, helping you feel extremely comfortable.Third, it has the Roll, Press, Go Technology which means the packaging has sticky edges so you can easily wrap and dispose of your used pads. Last but not least, they also have a very soft surface to keep your skin protected.

Ingredients: Cellulose; Polyethylene; Polypropylene; Hot melt adhesive (Hydrocarbon resins, Mineral oil, Thermoplastic elastomers, Polyethylene, Antioxidant and optical brightener); Water based ink with Pigment Red 122 and Pigment Blue 15; Titanium dioxide; Lactic acid; Chamomilla Recutita Flower extract; Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil.

Super-Heavy Flow

V-Flow meter

Every woman’s flow is unique. So use our V-flow indicator to find your ideal towel. The higher the level of red in the V, the more absorbent the towel.

Reasons to Love:
  • Soft Topsheet
  • Ultra Discreet
  • Fast Absorption
  • SecureFit™ Technology: Different shape front and back
  • Roll, Press, Go Technology
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