A portrait photo of a woman in embroidered underwear

At Saba®, we want to live in a world in which no woman+ is ashamed of her body.

That’s why we’re committed to tackling the shame and silence that shroud women+’s V-Zones (that’s more than just the vagina or vulva!). We want to make all women+ feel confident about their vulvas, vaginas, wombs and flows. From first period to last, through pleasure and pain, we fight to dismantle self-doubt and discomfort. From the taboos we break to the products we make, we understand women+’s needs better than anyone. After all, we’ve been doing it for 40 years.

Our pads, liners, washes, cups, wipes and period pants are designed to provide the best protection whatever your flow, however you flow: from periods, to spotting, to discharge to is-it-spotting-is-it-discharge. Accidental trickles of pee, after-sex sweat, and everything in between. You name it, our products’ll handle it.

We know that championing women+’s wellbeing is not possible without championing the wellbeing of the planet we live on, so we’re working hard to make all of our products more sustainable by continuously reducing our carbon footprint, and we’re being transparent about how we do it.

We’re making the world easier for women+ with Project V, our change-driving giveback initiative, which improves women+’s wellbeing worldwide. We’ll continue to act fearlessly until everyone can live fearless. Try and stop us.

Saba®. Live Fearless.

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