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Vaginal discharge is something that all women have throughout their lives and is completely normal. No woman has the same type of flow because differences in age, complexion, and the stage of the menstrual cycle in which they find themselves can all be factors for their flow to have variations.

A healthy discharge can range from clear, green, yellow, pink, and brown among others.

What is important to identify to know that your discharge is NOT healthy are the following factors:

  • Bad odor (fishy)
  • Itching
  • Lumps
  • Irritation

These factors indicate a possible infection and need medical attention from your gynecologist to evaluate whether it is necessary to treat it.

It is important that you monitor your flow. We recommend you have a logbook, in which you can keep track of the flow of your cycle and thus be able to identify the particularities that make your V-Zone unique, as well as any irregularities to be able to consult with your doctor and take immediate action if necessary.

Regardless of whether your flow is abundant or not, it is essential that you know that using daily protection is fine and normal. Remember that each person finds their own routine and their own way to feel comfortable, the only recommendation is to change them continuously, at least three times a day to avoid humidity and bad odors caused by smegma, and sweating.

The smell or aroma similar to that of onion is natural, just be sure to clean your V-Zone with a Saba® Sensiti-V™ Wet Wipes and continue your day. Do not forget to wash thoroughly at the end of your day with Saba® Sensiti-V™ Intimate Wash and plenty of water.

Let's talk about your V-zone routine.

During the hot season, you should pay special attention to this area and clean it at least 3 times a day. 

In case you have to go out, we suggest that you take with you our Saba® Sensiti-V™ Wet Wipes which will help you with the hygiene of this area and at the same time will make you feel fresher. 

If possible, the ideal would be a cleaning in which you can wash with soap and water. Since it is an extremely delicate area, we suggest cleaning it with Saba® Sensiti-V™ Intimate Wash, which will make you feel fresh for longer and help reduce the chances of infection in your V-zone.

Don't forget that your underwear should ideally be cotton to allow your V-zone to breathe and should ideally be changed once a year.

Finally, a life tip:

If you go to the beach or a swimming pool remember that the water of the pool and the sea change the PH of your V-Zone. With it there is a greater chance of contracting a fungus or infection, so once you get out of the pool, repeat the cleaning routine of your V-Zone, dry well (without scrubbing), and keep moisture away with the use of daily protectors, helping to reduce the chances of infection so you will be more comfortable after the dip.