Saba® makes you feel #CómodaContigo.

Sometimes sleeping during your period can seem like a challenge, especially if you're stressed about having an accident.

You might feel like you have to stay in one position all night, or you may constantly wake up to check that everything is in order. But this isn’t recommended because it interferes with the quality of your rest. And good rest is important for staying healthy. Being able to move freely when you sleep, and changing positions, allows your muscles to relax, which helps you achieve deeper, more restful, sleep.

There are 3 ways this tension can affect you:

  • Stress can negatively affect the nervous system, especially the nerves and how they work. This system responds to stress by putting extra pressure on the blood vessels, which reduces blood flow to the muscles, causing muscle tension and pain.
  • During sleep, the muscles receive extra oxygen which contributes to the breakdown of lactic acid. When you don't get enough sleep, lactic acid builds up in your muscles causing knots to form. The hours of rest also help the body heal from small injuries that occur in the muscles during the day. Therefore, lack of sleep causes your muscles to not fully recover, which can cause some discomfort.
  • Also, when you sleep, your body changes from its active, sympathetic nervous system, to the parasympathetic nervous system, which is calmer. However, this switch is interrupted by stress. If you are overly concerned, the sympathetic nervous system does not shut down and your brain remains overactive.

And all of this can become a chain reaction! You get stressed and can't sleep, but that lack of rest makes you even more stressed.

emptyHow can you avoid this?

Take a warm bath to decrease muscle tension and practice relaxation techniques like yoga to help clear your mind. It is also essential that you sleep with the peace of mind of having the protection you need during your sleeping hours, that is why we want to introduce you to Saba® Buenas noches™ Maxi Overnight With Wings

  • Its Anatomic Center absorbs more where you need it most because it has more cotton.
  • It’s equipped with SecureFit™ Technology. Which means that it has a different shape in the front and back, allowing it to better adapt to your body.
  • Its anti-leak canals help prevent accidents.
  • Better distributes the flow through its canals.    

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