Saba® Buenas Noches™ Maxi Overnight With Wings

Saba® Buenas Noches™ Maxi offers overnight protection so you can sleep comfortably and live every day to the fullest. It has Triple Protection Technology (absorbs, distributes, and protects), anti-leak barriers, and an anatomical super absorbent center. They also have SecureFit™ Technology, with a different shape front and back that molds perfectly to your body.

Ingredients: Cellulose; Polyethylene; Polypropylene; Hot melt adhesive (Hydrocarbon resins, Mineral oil, Thermoplastic elastomers, Polyethylene, Antioxidant and optical brightener); Water based ink with Pigment Red 122 and Pigment Blue 15; Titanium dioxide.

Super-Heavy Flow

V-Flow meter

Every woman’s flow is unique. So use our V-flow indicator to find your ideal towel. The higher the level of red in the V, the more absorbent the towel.

Reasons to Love:
  • Soft Topsheet
  • Anatomical and Super Absorbent Center
  • Triple Protection Technology
  • SecureFit™ Technology: Different shape front and back
  • Anti-leak Barriers
  • Fast Absorption
  • Good for extra heavy flow
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