Waking up to discover blood on your sheets isn’t the best way to start the day.

And it doesn’t need to happen if you get the right protection in place. Why is it that you need extra protection at night to prevent period leaks? Well, as it turns out, when you’re lying down the blood flows differently from when you’re standing up. Which is why you need an overnight pad like Saba® Buenas Noches™ Maxi Overnight With Wings.

emptyIf you still feel anxious about staining your sheets even while wearing a night pad, here are some additional tips women+ everywhere use to prevent leaks at night:

Pajama trousers

These will give an extra layer of protection between you and the sheets, meaning you’re less likely to leak onto them.

Extra panties

An extra pair of panties over the top of your usual pair will absorb any leakage. Choose thicker cotton ones in a dark color that won’t show up stains.

Old hand towel

Lay an old hand towel underneath your bottom before you lie down. This will absorb any leakage and protect your sheets.

Extra padding

Fold some sheets of toilet roll lengthways and place a wad under your night pad inside your panties for extra absorbency. You’ll need to use pads with wings so the toilet paper and pad can adhere to your panties.

Mattress protection

A mattress protector will prevent your mattress ending up with a permanent dark stain. If you’re sleeping away from home, take one with you.

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