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It is normal that after her first period, your daughter's menstrual cycles are irregular and take her by surprise.

When you talk to her about this issue, it is very important that you give her practical advice that can help her solve different situations, so today we tell you how to put together an emergency kit.

Follow these steps:

 1. Set a bag: You can use a make-up bag that you no longer use, buy her a special bag that she might like, or make her one with some fabric scraps. The only thing you should consider is that it should be big enough to fit all the items we are going to suggest below.

2. Add a change of underwear: This is so that in case the flow is very abundant and she has an accident, she can change at any time. You can even buy special underwear for her to wear only on those days. And although the main thing is that it is comfortable, make sure it is not too loose, to prevent it from moving. It is also recommended that they be made of thick cotton.

3. Add daily panty liner protectors: They can be part of your daughter's daily hygiene routine, she should change them at least 3 times a day. Their function is to keep her underwear free of the discharge and moisture that are naturally produced in the V-Zone. They can also be used on those days when her period flow is very light.

4. Add wet wipes: Wet wipes are ideal for you to clean your hands when changing your pad or pad, as well as to remove any excess moisture or residue. Note, that they do not replace the function of toilet paper.

5. Add period pads: Include a few period pads, preferably for different flow levels. Bringing a few extra is a good idea, so you can help another girl in need.​

6. Add thermal patches: They are very easy to use, you just have to explain to her that she should stick it on her underwear at belly level and she will feel cramp relief for up to 12 hours.​

7. Add toilet paper: It never hurts to carry some folded toilet paper, especially if you have to use a public bathroom, in case there isn't one.​

Ready! Arrange everything in the bag and when you give it to your daughter, tell her to carry it in her bookbag/purse at all times.

You should also make sure to replenish each item as they are used, to prevent their kit from being empty.​