Saba® Sensiti-V™ Ultra-Thin Overnight Pads

Take care of your V Zone while you sleep on your period with Saba® Sensiti-V™ Ultra-Thin Overnight. These pads were designed specifically to protect the most sensitive skin in our bodies, because all ingredients are dermatologically approved and the cover is extra soft. Thanks to the SecureFit™ Technology, which helps the pad mold differently to your body, you can sleep and rest without worry. Lastly, you can easily discard your used pad with our Roll, Press, Go technology.

Ingredients: Textile Topsheet: 50% Polyethylene; 50% PET; Cellulose Fiber; Polyethylene; Polyolefin Based Thermoplastic Adhesive.

Super-Heavy Flow

V-Flow meter

Every woman’s flow is unique. So use our V-flow indicator to find your ideal towel. The higher the level of red in the V, the more absorbent the towel.

Reasons to Love
  • Dermatologically tested: Approved by Skin Health Alliance
  • No chlorine, No fragrances, No dyes added
  • Extra Soft Topsheet
  • Protects your skin: Natural ingredients that help reduce skin irritation
  • SecureFit™ Technology: Different shape front and back
  • Roll, Press, Go Technology
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